Professional Non-Surgical Chin Contouring Services

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A double chin makes you look older and heavier, and it can even create a less imposing profile. You can get rid of your double chin and sculpt a stronger, more impressive jawline with a SculpSure® chin-contouring treatment at Body Sculpt in McLean, Virginia. Men and women who are ready to say goodbye forever to submental fat can contact the certified SculpSure® team at Body Sculpt by phone or by using the online appointment form.

What is SculpSure® chin contouring?

SculpSure® is a noninvasive laser therapy cleared by the FDA to permanently eliminate small areas of stubborn fat, including the fat that causes a double chin (submental fat). During each chin-contouring treatment, your certified SculpSure® technician at Body Sculpt destroys up to 24% of the fat cells underneath your chin.

How does chin contouring work?

The SculpSure® laser heats your submental fat to between 107 and 116 degrees Fahrenheit. The high temperatures disrupt the function of the fat cells, so they begin to break down and die.  Your body’s lymph system then processes the cellular debris, filters it through the liver, and eliminates it from your body through excretion.

Does the SculpSure® laser heat my skin, too?

You don’t have to worry about the laser burning or damaging your skin; the SculpSure® applicator utilizes Contact Cooling™ technology to keep your skin comfortable and safe. Your technician also adjusts the laser’s setting so that it only targets your adipose (fatty) tissue.

How long does it take to eliminate my double chin?

Your chin-contouring expert at Body Sculpt treats your submental fat in about 20 to 30 minutes. Most men and women need approximately three SculpSure® chin contouring treatments to get the sleek, strong jawline they crave.

Your body takes between six to eight weeks to completely eliminate the fat cells that SculpSure® destroyed. Within just a month or two, you’ll have a stronger, cleaner jawline and profile.

Even though your double chin is gone for good and the fat cells that were killed cannot regenerate, you must maintain a healthy weight. Fat cells swell to accommodate extra calories. If you overeat, you may gain weight all over your body — including under your chin.

What are the advantages of SculpSure® chin contouring?

SculpSure® chin contouring has a number of advantages when compared to other techniques, such as:

  • Completely noninvasive and nonsurgical
  • No needles needed
  • More uniform results
  • Fast treatment time
  • More comfortable treatment
  • No side effects other than slight bruising, swelling, or redness
  • No recovery time; you’re back to your normal routine immediately

When you’re ready to say goodbye to your double chin, call the certified laser professionals at Body Sculpt or use the online booking form.

What is the recovery time for chin contouring?

Recovery from chin contouring depends on the chosen method. Surgical procedures typically require a longer recovery period, with initial swelling and discomfort subsiding within a few weeks. Non-surgical treatments have minimal downtime, allowing patients to resume normal activities almost immediately.

How long do the results of chin contouring last?

The longevity of chin contouring results varies. Surgical enhancements, such as implants, offer permanent changes, while non-surgical fillers provide temporary improvements that may last several months to a few years, depending on the type of filler used.

What is the cost of chin contouring?

The cost of chin contouring varies widely based on the procedure type, surgeon’s experience, and geographic location. Surgical procedures generally cost more due to the complexity and materials used. Consultation with a provider can offer a detailed estimate.

Preparation for chin contouring involves following the surgeon’s instructions, which may include avoiding certain medications or supplements that could increase bleeding risk. For surgical procedures, patients may need to fast for a specific period before the surgery.

Surgical chin contouring results are permanent and can only be altered through additional surgery. Non-surgical methods, however, are temporary. Fillers naturally dissolve over time, and their effects can also be reversed with specific treatments if desired.